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VPIM Voice Connector and Exchange

After changing Exchange partner for Unity 4.0(3)SR1 system (following documented procedures) VPIM to CallPilot voicemail is no longer functioning properly. Outbound messages from Unity to CallPilot works fine but inbound from CallPilot to Unity is not. The old Unity Primary Location ID was in the format Server1 being the hostname of the old Exchange partner server. The Primary location ID was changed to, Server2 being the new Exchange server hostname. The VPIM & Voice connectors were installed (and uninstalled and reinstalled) as was the SMTP Transport event sink. The domain name specified in the event sink setup matches the Primary Location ID. An MX record was added in DNS for I could not add an entry in the default Exchange recipient policy because is the FQDN of the Exchange server. Strangely there was an entry in the recipient policy which matched the FQDN of the old Exchange partner server. The config on the CallPilot was changed to point to the new Exchange partner and telnet on port 25 between systems works. I have installed Ethereal on the Exchange server to capture inbound packets but don't have any VPIM traffic at the moment.

Any ideas?


Re: VPIM Voice Connector and Exchange


Seems like you updated everything to that needed updating. Have you determined whether messages from the CallPilot are actually reaching the Exchange server?

If you haven't already done so, use Exchange System Manager to enable Exchange Message Tracking and enable SMTP logging (use NCSA Common Log File Format). You can also bump up the Voice Connector logging while you're troubleshooting. The Bridge Troubleshooting Guide has details on how to do that:

Since you're using VPIM and not Bridge, just ignore stuff about the Bridge and BANANNA in that section. (The Bridge uses SMTP to send VPIM messages with proprietary extensions to Exchange, so some of the troubleshooting info still applies with VPIM Networking.)

Also look at the Bridge Troubleshooting section "Do Inbound Messages Reach the Voice Connector?" at:

Again, just ignore the stuff about the Bridge, and look at the stuff about the Voice Connector.

Hope this helps.


New Member

Re: VPIM Voice Connector and Exchange



It doesn't appear that inbound messages from the CallPilot are being received by the Exchange server. It looks as if more troubleshooting is required on the CallPilot side.

There are three things that still concern me about the Exchange config:

1)There is an Exchange 2000 Voice Connector object in Exchange System Manager for a server that no longer hosts Exchange (was probably removed improperly some time ago)

2) The Voice Connector for the current Exchange returns a "Snap-In failed to initialize error" when attempting to access it. I can still get to the Properties page of the connector

3) There is a recipient policy entry which matched the FQDN of the old Exchange server. I can't create a new entry which matches the FQDN of the new Exchange server because it tells me that a policy can't match the FQDN. How was the old policy entry created?

I know those are kind of outside the scope of Unity but they are related to managing the VPIM integration.

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Re: VPIM Voice Connector and Exchange

I am sorry to pull up some old post but I am having a similar issue where VPIM incoming msg is not deliver to Unity. And I had the issue with snap-in failed to initialize...

I am using EXCH2k3 with Unity 5, outgoing to Avaya is working but not incoming. Another weird thing is, before we got outgoing working, I didn't get NDR for the VPIM msg that didn't reach Avaya at all.

Is it something to do with my exchange install or Voice Connector install??? I saw it from Message tracking center saying Delievry failed but I didn't get NDR to my subscriber mailbox. Sounds like a Voice Connector issue??

Please help...



Re: VPIM Voice Connector and Exchange


I've never seen that snap-in error before. Can you still access the Voice Connector's properties page? What's the exact wording of the error message?

The Voice Connector is supposed to send an NDR, and in most cases it does. However, there is an open Voice Connector defect where in some cases it isn't sending back an NDR. The problem was reported at another customer site. We were never able to reproduce the problem in-house. But the developer took a really close look at the code and found that if for some reason the Voice Connector couldn't read the recipient's targetAddress in AD then it would bail on that recipient and go onto the next one without sending an NDR. We have no idea as to why the Voice Connector would not be able to get the targetAddress from AD, but it needs to handle that error condition and send an NDR.

I'm sorry to say that we don't have any written VPIM troubleshooting docs, but if you go here:

and scroll down, you'll see some training videos on VPIM Configuration and VPIM Messaging. These were made by QA for Cisco TAC when VPIM was first introduced, so they've got a lot of info in them. Maybe they might give you a clue.


New Member

Re: VPIM Voice Connector and Exchange

Hi Nancy,

The snap-in error says "Snap-in failed to initialize. Name: - not available - CLSID:{A108966C-944F-11D2-9941-00C04F79F1C9}."

And yes I can still access to the property page.

Thanks for your traiing vid and I will go through them......