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Wav file playback volume level

Unity Unified Messaging 4.0(5) and 4.1(1)

The Unity Admin guide talks about how the recording has Automatic Gain Control. Any ideas?

This is the second customer that have sent emails saying the same thing. I keep telling them to adjust the Windows Advanced Volume Control to make wav files louder and not addressing their complaint!


"The voicemail .wav files that are received in Outlook play at a much lower volume than other sound files. Is there a record level setting in Unity that can be adjusted so the playback volume is higher?"

Some of them don't have Viewmail installed and are using Windows Media Player 10.


Re: Wav file playback volume level

More info;

"They are not, but I am, and the VMO’s volume is set at the max. I have PC speakers and can turn their volume up, but then my email notice sound is really loud, so I have to crank it back down. Those that only have the internal PC speaker can’t get it turned up high enough to hear the VMs, but report that other sound sources are too loud when they set their volume controls to maximum"

To Helpdesk

Subject: RE: question about voicemail

Are they running the Viewmail client, it has a separate volume control ?

Re: Wav file playback volume level

You can use Wavegain tool in Unity Tools Depot and play with the settings for record and playback until you find an optimal setting. Then you got to set the gains permanently by setting the reg keys using Advanced Tools in Tools Depot. The parameters are under Audio -> Set Wavegain dB adjustment for playback and recording

I think you may have to record at a higher volume, so that VMo will playback louder.



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