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Wav file VM to all subscribers

Unity VM only version 4.0(4)

I have an interesting request from a customer. The customer wants to take a professional recording of a CxO and send this wav file to the AllSubscribers Distribution List in Unity VM. They would like all MWI lamps to be lit upon receipt of this VM. My question is how do I get the pre-recorded wav file into the VM system without breaking any of the licensing rules?


Re: Wav file VM to all subscribers

Is this VoiceMail only or UM?

Re: Wav file VM to all subscribers

I thought about this for a bit... I'm not sure there is a way. I thought if you had UM or VM, you could do the following:

Dial Unity and leave a message for your self.

Open up an Outlook Client that attaches to that profile in Unity. (UM or VM)

Open up the email and delete the attachment WAV file. (right click on it and select "Remove"

Click on Edit and Edit Message

Drag your WAV file to the the message and then save it.

Now go back into Unity through the TUI and check to save if that message now has a new wav file. (the one you copied)

If it does, you should be able to forward this VM to a distro list. If it goes to everyone, they should get a light on their phone and you are ready to go.

I don't have a UM system here to test it on, and my VM system, I don't have an Outlook client to test it, but in theory, it should work.

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