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Webex cloud Vs Webex on premises

Hi all,

can any one support in summarizing in breif the main difference, advantages and disadvanteges of cisco webex on cloud or on premises.


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Webex cloud Vs Webex on premises

I'm not sure how to answer this without a bit of editoralizing. CWMS is literally a port/fork of the cloud with a few patches added on (e.g. LDAP sync support). The port happened in 2012 when early WBS28 was the current cloud release. This means that any improvements within the last 18-24 months don't exist in CWMS, only the cloud. Examples of this are 720p HD video, WebEx Enabled Telepresence, WebEx Productivity Tools for Mac, MP4 standards-based network recordings, nearly all of the mobile client enhancements, etc.

At some point they will port the new WebEx Meetings code base down to CWMS and the feature gap will close again; however, the product managers freely admit that they intend CWMS to always lag the cloud in functionality. They view CWMS as a niche product that is only for customers with specific requirements (e.g. security, capex vs. opex) which force them into an on-premise model. Nearly all partners view this as a serious miscalculation of the market, at least how it exists today.

Even with that boat anchor attached to CWMS I still have customers deploying it. It's far more economical than the cloud, at least without taking ongoing operational costs into the picture which few seem to do. In my opinion, you have to be comfortable with considerable feature lag to deploy CWMS. Heck, it didn't get Android client support until 2.0 which is about to ship in early January I think. Great product though and Cisco's best admin UI to date.

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