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Weekly tasks in SQL Server

Unity 4.05 um Windows 2000


We have just taken over maintenance of a unity 4.05 system all was going well but we have recently encountered a problem with disk space filing up. I have addressed the immediate problem by shrinking the unity database in SQL (this got me back 5GB). However a closer look at the jobs in Enterprise Manager shows that the weekly cleanup that should automatically take care of shrinking the DB and backups, etc. is missing or removed.

My question is: How do I go about returning the weekly scheduled cleanup and backup to SQL so it works exactly how cisco intended?




Re: Weekly tasks in SQL Server

Just configure the DiRT tool to make a backup on a daily basis this will delete the transactional logs.

"Disaster Recovery Backup Tool" also called "DiRT Backup". It is located in the Unity tools depot:

Unity server desktop > Unity tools depot > administration tools > double-click on disaster recovery backup.

In order to backup the Unity database and send the backup file to a network drive, please do the following:

-At the "Backup Target Location", please specify the network drive that you want to use to store the backup file.

-Under "Options", select what you want to backup.

-Check the "use two hop method" checkbox and below that specify a local directory (located on the Unity server itself).

-Now go to the "Options" menu and select "schedule regular backups".

-At the new displayed window, click on the "Schedule Backup" button and enter any name for the backup task, then click on OK.

-On "Task" tab, go to the "Run as" section. An account should be specified there (*). Click on "Set password" and enter the correct password for that

account. This step es very important, it must be done even if the password is already there.

-Go to the "Schedule" tab; under "Schedule Task", select "Daily" from the drop-down list and then select a Start Time; then schedule this every 1 day.

-There are some other features that you can configure, they are under the "Settings" tab.


Basically, you need to run the Disaster Recovery tools with an account that has proper rights to access SQL and, if messages are selected for backup, Exchange mailboxes. Please see the section ?Configuring Permissions for DiRT?.

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Re: Weekly tasks in SQL Server

Thanks for your quick reply

DIRT is already configured and runs successfully every night including the night in question when we experienced an outage on unity until we shrank the sql database.

Unity was not responding because of lack of disk space. sql showed an error in enterprise manager/local/management sql server agent/jobs relating to the daily unitydb backup indicating a failure due to lack of disk space, on all other days this backup has been successful. When we manually shrank the database we could run the daily backup in sql enterprise manager without a hitch.

Having shrank the DB we looked for why it grew in the first place and comparing the server with other unitys found that In enterprise manager/local/management sql server agent/jobs there should be 3 items including a weekly cleanup that are configured automatically during installation. We are missing this weekly clean up and would like to get it back as configured on a new unity install. (e.g. Is the weekly cleanup in a batch file that I can import into jobs?)

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