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New Member

What does slot number "<50-50>" refer to?

When trying to set up a "voice-port" on a 2811 router, for a FXS port (VIC2-2FXS), the IOS gives me a response of:

<50-50> voice interface slot #

when I type in

voice-port ?

I expect the voice-port command to look something like

voice-port 0/0/1

for example. If I try to go along with the IOS, and enter a 50... going step by step to find the next allowable range, I wind up with

voice-port 50/0/1

at which point it gives "Invalid input detected" and points at the "5".

Attempting to just use

voice-port 1/0/0

voice-port 0/2/0

etc, just gives errors (Invalid input detected) with the initial number (0 or 1)

The same thing happens if I go into a pots dial-peer and try to use the port command. Any ideas what the IOS is looking for when it says my allowable range for slots is <50-50>?

New Member

Re: What does slot number "<50-50>" refer to?

I'll answer my own question... it appears that "50" is the slot ID given to ephones... it's a virtual/logical ID for eFXS.

Doesn't help me though, cause my real live VIC based FXS ports (VIC2-2FXS) aren't configurable since port and voice-port commands aren't accepting the real slot ID's.

Maybe voice-card? I've got voice-card 0 in the config, but it will not allow voice-card 1 or voice-card 2, though IOS seems to think those would be legal entries.

New Member

Re: What does slot number "<50-50>" refer to?


i am also getting samething in the PRI card.

my interface cardis nm-2ce1-t1 pri.any problem in  that and any solution is there

otherwise the call will work without any issues

if i give sh  voice port

VC-Gateway#sh voice port

EFXS 50/0/1 Slot is 50, Sub-unit is 0, Port is 1
Type of VoicePort is EFXS
Operation State is UP
Administrative State is UP
No Interface Down Failure
Description is not set
Noise Regeneration is enabled
Non Linear Processing is enabled
Non Linear Mute is disabled
Non Linear Threshold is -21 dB
Music On Hold Threshold is Set to -38 dBm
In Gain is Set to 0 dB
Out Attenuation is Set to 0 dB
Echo Cancellation is enabled
Echo Cancellation NLP mute is disabled
Echo Cancellation NLP threshold is -21 dB
Echo Cancel Coverage is set to 8 ms
Echo Cancel worst case ERL is set to 6 dB
Playout-delay Mode is set to adaptive
Playout-delay Nominal is set to 60 ms
Playout-delay Maximum is set to 250 ms
Playout-delay Minimum mode is set to default, value 40 ms
Playout-delay Fax is set to 300 ms
Connection Mode is normal
Connection Number is not set
Initial Time Out is set to 10 s
Interdigit Time Out is set to 10 s
Call Disconnect Time Out is set to 60 s
Ringing Time Out is set to 180 s
Wait Release Time Out is set to 30 s
Companding Type is u-law
Region Tone is set for US
Station name None, Station number 101

Caller ID Info Follows:
Translation profile (Incoming):
Translation profile (Outgoing):

Digit Duration Tming is set to 100 ms