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What does this alarm mean ....... hwStringMatch - HP Insight Management Agents Trap Alarm: Logical Drive Status Change: Slot 1, Drive: 2 ......... Status is now Predictive Failure


I have received this trap from the Call Manager PUB server running version

hwStringMatch - cmaidad[5579]: Physical Drive Status Change: Slot 1 Port 2l Box 1 Bay 1. Status is now Predictive Failure

I have checked the drive status via CLI and all drives show OK, both physical & logical

Is there anywhere you can check what is causing this event and is it merely advising of a potential drive failure

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What does this alarm mean ....... hwStringMatch - HP Insight Man


Modern drives have embedded monitoring. Whilst the disk hasn't failed, something internally is telling the embedded monitoring that it may soon fail - it's running a little hot, having excessive write errors, latency is drifting up... something subtle is going wrong.

It could be caused by a firmware error... but I'd take it at face value.

It might have failed by the time you read this, or it might work fine for another 20 years.

Either way - when I was a server admin I would get any disk with a predictive failure swapped out immediately. No point waiting for it to fail - even on a RAID system when a disk fails although you don't lose data you have your trousers down as a coincidental second failure would ruin your day!



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