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What license do I need to send voicemail as an email attachment?

Hi all,

I am just trying to find out what license I need in order to send a voicemail message as an email attachment please.

I am running Cisco Unity Connection version 9.1 and my license usage screen shows the following.

I have message notification working using a smarthost and that is good.

I am just trying to see what I need to do to take it to the next level and provide the actual message in an email.

thanks very much for any information



Licensed Seats ForFeature NameCurrent usage
Total number of Voicemail UsersCUC_BasicMessaging57
Total number of Speech Connect sessionsCUC_SpeechConnectPort0
Speechview Standard usersCUC_SpeechView0
Speechview Professional usersCUC_SpeechViewPro0
Total number of Enhanced Messaging UsersCUC_EnhancedMessaging0
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Re: What license do I need to send voicemail as an email attachm

You don't need any additional licenses, you just need to enable single inbox feature which is under the unified messaging umbrella. There is a UM deployment guide that you can follow.


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What license do I need to send voicemail as an email attachment?

He is correct, there is no license to buy.

There are 2 ways to do voicemail to email.

The first is called Unified Messaging where it syncs your voicemails and your email together, so when you delete your voicemail, it deletes it out of your email as well and vice versa.  This is quite a setup to get this all working and there is plenty of documentation on it, depeding on your version of Exchange.


You can just have the voicemail forwarded to your email, which is very simple:

In Unity Administration, go to SMTP Configuration > Server

Check the box Allow Connections From Untrusted IP Addresses

Make sure the TLS is Optional

Go to SMTP Configuration > Smart Host

Put in your SMTP server’s IP Addresss

Go to Users > Users and pick someone’s user account

Go to Edit > Message Actions

Change Voicemail to Relay the Message


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