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Why cant CUMC bypass the ASA and use BES/MDS instead of TCP/APN ?


From the docs, it seems that even if you deploy the Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator with Mobility Advantage, on a Blackberry device, you still need the ASA proxy.

It looks like the client on the device uses the TCP stack on the smartphone using the TCP Access Point Name (TCP/APN) to make conection to the network.

However, in the case of a Blackberry (with BES/MDS) a VPN connection already exists, and surely, the client could use that to connect back to CUMA, rather than use the GSM Carriers gateway..

Is there any reason why this is not done ?? Is it simply because other smart phones do not have this VPN capability, and therefore to maintain consistancy, the proxy is required even in a Blackberry deployment ?


I cant seem to find any docs on the Moble Multiplexing Protocol that the ASA uses, which cisco keeps refering to, to see if it performs any function other than providing a vpn like connection to the handset.

So from my point of view, the ASA is totally redundant in a Blackberry / BES / MDS environment.

Can someone please clarify ??


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