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Why does UNnity requires Data Store and Message Store?


I am very keen to know why does Unity requires Data Store and Message Store ?

As per my knowledge, data store is used to as a database for the Users created in Unity, store the configs and settings of the Unity server and users.

Message store is used to store the voice mails of the users.

Is there anything else they are required for ??

Kindly help me in getting a better understanding of this architecture..


Cisco Employee

Re: Why does UNnity requires Data Store and Message Store?

I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for here - every voice mail system will have a data store (directory) and messgae store of some sort - Unity uses Exchange/Domino for the message store and SQL for the local directory information which it then synchs with AD or Domino.

Probably the best place to start is the Architecture Overview Document which can be found out here:

it was written against 4.0(3) but still applies generally to more recent versions of 4.x.

New Member

Re: Why does UNnity requires Data Store and Message Store?

One nice thing is that the Data Store is used to hold messages for users in the event that the Message Store (Exchange) is offline or unavailable.

If the Exchange server goes offline for whatever reason, callers can continue to leave messages, and Unity subscribers can retrieve these messages (held in the Data Store) until Exchange comes back online. Once Exchange comes back online, the messages in the Data Store are written to Exchange (message store).

Hope this helps!


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