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why to i receive 404 line not configured

Im currently using a cisco call manager 9. I need to register 2 third party sip devices originating from the same ip address, but i keep getting 404 "line not configured".

I have configured 2 end users 44000 and 44001. Associated 1 device to each user and assigned a DN to both as well

When i register each individually I get a 200 ok. But when both registration originate from the same ip:port, 1 account gets a 200 ok and the other gets a 404 error: "Line not configured"

Any help on this would be much appreciated


Cisco Employee

And what's the reason to try

And what's the reason to try two clients with the same IP and port????



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New Member

One reason could be to use a

One reason could be to use a SIP tester tool to register a bunch of simulated devices. I have this exact problem right now when verifying our contact center product with Cisco. On other call managers we use a SIP tester application to register hundreds of SIP extensions which are used during our automated call center testing. On Cisco our SIP tester app can only register one...Any ideas for how to get around this problem?

New Member

We have an enterprise

We have an enterprise application that SIP registers multiple users from the one endpoint. For most PBX this is not an issue but for some like the Cisco Call Manager this is an issue. 

We have heard conflicting reports in the past that the Call Manager does / doesn't support multiple clients from the same sip enpoint.

Still haven't been able to find a solution to this one. We believe its a security setting somewhere in the Call Manager but we could never find the solution. We had to revert to using a sip trunk but with the usual loss in features when compared with a full third party client.

Would be great to find a solution to this if there are any suggestions to try?

New Member

We have continued to

We have continued to investigate this and concluded that it is when you use the same local port for the second registration then the second registration will fail.

Unfortunately the SIP tester application we use do not allow us to set a unique local port for each device registration. If the first registration packet says:

REGISTER sip:<IP of CUCM>5060 SIP/2.0
Via SIP/2.0/UDP <local host IP>:5070;rport;branch=bla bla
Max-Forwards: 70
From: (sip:2100@<IP of CUCM>;>tag=bla bla

Then subsequent registrations of devices 2101 and so on, from the same <local host IP> must be done with a local port different than 5070. 

I think this is an unnecessary 'restriction' (or even bug) in CUCM that should be corrected...

Hi Druid and Stenlund,Yes,

Hi Druid and Stenlund,

Yes, this seems a strange restriction untill and unless there is no workaround available to avoid this.

Just thinking that there are many third party analog SIP gateway available in market which supports system level local SIP port. This means that you can't change the local SIP port for each FXS port. And if this is the case, only one FXS port will be able to registered with call manager and subsequent FXS ports when try to register will fail.




New Member

 Hi All,We have been told


Hi All,

We have been told anecdotally by some of our systems integrator that there is a workaround but I could never tie anyone down to a worked solution. Some suggest its a security setting but trying to tweak the different settings i could see didnt yield results.

Great that we're having this discussion, was worried I was doing something seriously wrong.