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Xmedius, find dedicated DID numbers

We have an Xmedius server and a block of 175 DID numbers for FAX use.

125 are in use and 50 are not.

There is no order to how they have been configured.

I am trying to determine which numbers are in use and which are not.

Is there any easy way to do this?


Re: Xmedius, find dedicated DID numbers

Hi -

We have XMediusFax and use the Exchange lfexgateway connector for inbound routing via LDAP. Therefore, the fax field of the user object is populated with the DID number when we enabled a fax user. This field can be searched and exported via a utility such as csvde or by scripting methods. Also, from within Enterprise Manager, you check can the "Default Routing" section. Incoming faxes that go here are not assigned to a user. Note: We created an Excel spreadsheet for asset tracking of our 1000 DIDs. When Telecom receives a request for an IP fax number, the user's fax number is assigned within this spreadsheet. To confirm assigned fax numbers, we always check in ADUC, where you can also do a Find for a user object by a specific field.


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Re: Xmedius, find dedicated DID numbers

Thanks for the reply Ginger.

We also have an excel spreadsheet, but I do not know if it is accurate.

Can you tell me which "Enterprise Manager" you are talking about?

Where do you assign the FAX numbers, is this is AD also?

I guess there doesn't seem to be any where in xmedius that will allow you to see which numbers have been assigned?

What is ADUC?

Re: Xmedius, find dedicated DID numbers

Hi -

My bad - Enterprise Manager is the RightFax terminology, an application I also supported at one time. The administrative interface in XMediusFax is XMediusFax Manager. You run this from the server. Expand your servername and click on Common Resource, if you use this, or as we do, Resource 1. Then click on Default Recipient. This is where unassigned faxes are sent - these are typically spam faxes. ADUC is Active Directory Users and Computers console, which is used by domain admins or OU admins to manage user accounts. You can select a user from this console, right-click and select Properties. In the Telephones tab of the user account, the Fax field contains the XMediusFax inbound DID. From the ADUC console, you can also search for the field identified by Fax and then select, similar to Communication Manager, contains; begins with; ends with etc. to search for a specific string. Fax numbers are also assigned via ADUC in Active Directory. That is because we used the LDAP filter to route to users' inboxes by DID. This way, we don't have to create the users in XMediusFax.


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