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Zero Out of Voice Mail Greeting

Customer has callmgr 4.2 with vm-only unity 4.2. They want a caller that reaches a users mailbox, to hit zero to be sent to the group admin. If the group admin does not answer call,they want caller to go back into user's vm, to leave message.

I have the first part set up by sending the zero caller input to a "grp admin" unity subscriber that xfers to the phone ext. Can't figure out how to get the caller back into the user vm when grp admin doesn't answer.

Has anyone done this?




Re: Zero Out of Voice Mail Greeting

You probably have to do a supervised transfer to Unity pulls the call back and routes accordingly. If you had the call to CCM on a transfer Unity has no idea where it came from after it rolls out of the group admin.

So you have the right idea with zero out to the group admin, but try a Supervised transfer so Unity controls the call transfer and will pull it back after x rings to Unity and back to the original mailbox.

give it a whirl and see what happens

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Re: Zero Out of Voice Mail Greeting

that's the part I'm stuck on.....thought of doing a superivsed xfer, but when unity takes it back, I think it will come back to the "grp admin" subscriber and not the called user mb the call started in.

the user mb has a caller input setting for dial 0 which sends it to a subscriber called grp admin. the grp admin subscriber xfer setting is to xfer to ext 0716 (grp admin ext for zero out of vm)


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