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Abort "decommission process" for a non present device

Hello Ladies, Gents, 


I've a very stupid issue and I don't know how to go on. So may be you've some additional ideas. 

I joined a project where UCS is the plattform for the core business. Unfortunately the last service provide who was responsible for the system had a knowledge lack by administrating a UCS. 


The stupid situation is, that there is a chassis shown in UCSM with ID 3, which dosen't physically exist. As far as I know they tried to add a chassis, plugged everything in and plugged it out because the chassis was needed somewhere else. The current status of Chassis 3 is: decommissioning... with communication error - so it hangs. Unfortunately I can't stop that process - cause I don't know how. 


After stoping the process I'd like to use the Remove link to delete the chassis from the configuration. 


It's absolutly crazy but it is a high critical business critical environment where I can't go on with "erase and reconfigure" 


I hope some of you have an idea. 


Please keep me up to date. 




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Hallo SaschaGuidelines for

Hallo Sascha

Guidelines for Removing and Decommissioning Chassis

Decommissioning a Chassis
Decommissioning is performed when a chassis is physically present and connected but you want to temporarily remove it from the configuration. Because it is expected that a decommissioned chassis will be eventually recommissioned, a portion of the chassis' information is retained by Cisco UCS Manager for future use.

Removing a Chassis
Removing is performed when you physically remove a chassis from the system. Once the physical removal of the chassis is completed, the configuration for that chassis can be removed in Cisco UCS Manager. You cannot remove a chassis from Cisco UCS Manager if it is physically present and connected. If you need to add a removed chassis back to the configuration, it must be reconnected and then rediscovered. During rediscovery Cisco UCS Manager will assign the chassis a new ID that may be different from ID that it held before.

I would try to remove the chassis; of this doesn't work, please open a TAC case !


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Thanks for your fast response

Thanks for your fast response!! 


Than I have to open a TAC case. The problem is that the "Remove" link is greyed out because of the "running and hang" decommission process. 




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Hallo SaschaMeanwhile I found

Hallo Sascha

Meanwhile I found this (not exactly your case !)

therefore my question: are the ports on the fabric interconnect connecting this chassis still configured as "server" ports ?

If yes, I would unconfigure them and see what happens ?




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