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Ask the Expert : Initial Set Up and LAN Connectivity for Cisco UCS Servers

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about related to the initial setup of UCS C & B Series which include LAN connectivity from the UCS perspective with Cisco subject matter expert Kenny Perez.

In particularly, Kenny will cover topics such as: ESXi/Windows  installations, RAID configurations (best practices for good performance and configuration), VLAN/Jumbo Frames configuration for B series and C series servers, Pools/Policies/Upgrades/Templates/Troubleshooting Tips for blade and rack servers, Fabric Interconnects configuration, general compatibility of Hardware/Software/drivers amongst other topics

Kenny Perez is a technical leader in Cisco Technical Assistance Center, where he works in Server Virtualization support team. His main job consists of supporting customers to implement and manage Cisco UCS B series and C series. He has background in computing, networking, and Vmware ESXi and has 3+ years of experience support UCS servers and is VCP certified.


Remember to use the rating system to let Kenny know if he has given you an adequate response. 

This event lasts through October 10th, 2014. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other Cisco Support Community members.

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New Member

 Hi  I want to know how we




I want to know how we can stop the loop in the network.if any user will connect the two I/O port with LAN cable . I think there is option of BPDUgaurd and BPDUfiter .

Please help

Hi,When you say "if any user


When you say "if any user will connect the two I/O port with LAN cable"... Do you mean ports in the IO Module in the 5108 UCS Chassis???



New Member

Hi, Its something like -



Its something like - connecting two switch port with single cable,



Nishant,so your question is


so your question is not related to the Unified Computing System (UCS)?


New Member

  yes, my question is related



yes, my question is related to simple network in which the Pc is connected to switch and then router




ok, yeah...then my answer is

ok, yeah...then my answer is the may use different ways to secure your environment, you may use port security and BPDUGuard and shutdown interfaces that wont be used, for instance.

HTH somehow,



New Member

 Thanks For your answerI


Thanks For your answer

I think the BPDU gaurd is only the solution as PC are changing on random basis so port security is  not possible, Please help the difference between the BPDU gaurd and BPDU filter or these command only for portfast interface or in any interface.



Nishant,BPDU Filter= BPDUs


BPDU Filter= BPDUs are not generated/processed

BPDU Guard= Ports can be shut down if a BPDU is received

I hope that helps you, please dont hesitate to rate useful answers.

I am glad to help, just please remember this dicussion "Initial Set Up and LAN Connectivity" is about the Cisco UCS Servers, sorry if the tittle is a little confusing...



New Member

 Thanks Kenny for replying,Do


Thanks Kenny for replying,

Do you have any related to cisco UCS servers . I mean from where i can start to learn the things related to the same .


Any suggestion?



Nishant, You may begin with



You may begin with this book that will be released shortly:

If you dont want to wait, then you can use this material that was released last year and covers all for CCNA DC:


And last but not least, you can try this really valuable material to master other technologies in the data center like: vPC, OTV and Storage Concepts:





New Member

 Thanks kenny


Thanks kenny

Sure thing.  Don't forget to

Sure thing.  Don't forget to rate helpful content in this thread...


If this is about UCS I can

If this is about UCS I can adjust my answer and keep on going with further questions, if not about UCS... well yes, you normally shut down interfaces that aren´t gonna be used in the switch to avoid the fact that anyone could just plug in a new cable and cause a mess.

Also, BPDUGuard is used for that as you mentioned, in fact, one would normally set a port as "edge" and enable BPDUGuard at the same time.

Hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else, UCS related, I could possibly help you with and it will be my pleasure.


New Member

Hi kenny,Need to know about

Hi kenny,

Need to know about the following ,

1. If i do have UCS B series running in DC and want  to deploy a new C Series-UCS  within the same rack for different App , then in this case can UCS manager will be same or different. Please  describe UCS manager setting and licensing.

2. I have UCS Simulator software is this possible to integrate with my GNS3  in Lab scenario ?


Reply will be appreciated ,

Thanks in advance!!


Hello,Thanks for the question


Thanks for the question... So you are thinking about integrating the new rack (C-series) server to UCSM?  If yes, then you can use the same pair of Fabric Interconnects, there is no issue; but you may also leave the case in standalone and have it totally separate from UCSM.

What would you like me to describe about UCS Manager and its licensing?

About the UCSPE I cannot tell you cause I normally dont use it but you may ask here:[published]~category[ucs-platform-emulator]




New Member

Hi Kenny ,Thanks for you

Hi Kenny ,

Thanks for you support

Sure, anytime but what did

Sure, anytime but what did you wanna know about UCSM  and it's licensing?


New Member

Hi,Actually  we have UCS 6248


Actually  we have UCS 6248 fabric interconnect - first twelve ports are enabled  and same in Cisco UCS Manager.

But when more port will be active by expansion module  then UCSM can manage that too or need any other licence  for UCSM too?


VIP Green

You need a port license on FI

You need a port license on FI, whether it's on the base board, and/or the expansion modules.


For the 6248 FI, 8 of the 32 base FI ports are prelicensed and 8 of the 16 Gigabit Expansion Module (GEM) ports are prelicensed.

For the 6296 FI, 18 of the 48 base FI ports are prelicensed and 8 ports of each GEM are prelicensed.

You will only need additional

You will only need additional licenses for the ports that do not come with embedded licenses, as you see in Walter's answer.

If you enable a port that doesn't have a license, the port will begin a grace period of 120 days.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.



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