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B22 M3 SAN boot , Windows 2008 R2 installation fails and Blade reboot continuously with windows recovery error.

I have install windows 2008 R2 on a B22 M3 to boot from SAN. I have an VIC 1240 mezz card. I have tried using the drivers from cco for windows its UCS 2.2.1. I get the driver installed during the windows install and I can see my storage/LUN. However, after installation OS i have reboot  the server but i am not the getting the desktop view of the image i have installedand it keeps on reboot with windows Recovery Error. 
My UCS firmware version is 2.2.1c.

I had even downgraded host firmware to 2.1.3b , Then SAN boot is not happening and giving error for service profile association as advanceed or secure boot configuration can not be applied to specified server.
If i disable SAN boot the service profile association is successful.

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Can you please show a

Can you please show a screenshot of the boot policy (you might want to change it from uefi to legacy).

what is the exact error message of the failed SP association ?

Configured and actual boot order would also be helpful information


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Installation of windows 2008

I believe you might be hitting the defect below

Installation of windows 2008 R2 fails on UCS 2.1.3a BIOS (FC install)

Try to downgrade your blade bios to the bios version onf the 2.1 (2a) releases just for the install and if the install is succesful upgrade the bios back. The BIOS version should be the on below for the b22 blade.



For the service profile error, make sure to use the legacy CD/DVD option in the boot policy (see screenshot below) Do not use "add local cd/dvd" or add remote cd/dvd"


Let me know if this works and don't forget to mark usefull posts

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