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boot from san with local disk

I have some B200M3's with local disk.  I would like to configure them to boot from san.  I've setup a service profile template with a boot policy to boot from CD first and then the SAN.  I have a local disk configuration policy to mirror the local disks.   I've zoned the machines so that it presently only sees one path to the storage because I'm installing windows and I don't want it to see the disks funky because of multiple paths to the same disk.  When I boot the machine it sees the disk.  I boot to the Windows 2012R2 iso and load the drivers for the cisco mlom and then the single lun will appear.  The local disk will also appear.  It can't install Windows 2012R2 on the SAN disk only the local disk.  It sees the local disk as disk 0 and the san disk as disk 3.  I don't know how to get the machine to see the san disk as disk 0.  I have the lun (which resides on an vnx5600) as lun 0.  The boot policy is configured to have the san lun as lun 0.  It even appears while booting the san lun appears as lun 0.  The error I'm getting from the windows installer is:  We couldn't install Windows in the location you chose.  Please check your media drive.  Here's more info about what happened: 0x80300001.  Any suggestions to get this to boot from SAN.

Cisco Employee

Hiduring the boot up process,


during the boot up process, do you see the wwpn of the target showing that the VIC can talk to the storage?

Reboot the server in question, when you see the option to get into bios press F2, ssh to the primary fabrics a run the following commands

connect adapter (x/x/x). <--- (chassis #/slot #/adapter#)




(provide output of last command)


(provide output of last command)



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