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bug in ucs central pool allocation?

I have a very strange situation happening

i created two pools , for mac , one fabric A , one for fabric B   , same size , same numbering  , first 3 octects different

did the same thing for WWPN pools...

when i deploy my profiles i can see my vhbas with the exact same two last octects 00:A0  for fabric A and 00:A0 for fabric B , whats whats expected

but for macs im seeing for the the different pools i allocated eth0 and eth1 a completly different order on the address allocation.

In another installation i did with UCS central same thing happened but to the WWPNs instead of MACs  ,any ideas why ucs central is using different algorithms to allocation addresses for those pools ?

i attached screenshots


Re: bug in ucs central pool allocation?

I think it has to do with the fact, that local pools in UCS manager can be configured to use sequential allocation.  For global pools in UCS Central, this feature is not (yet) available; therefore the allocation looks random.

UCS Central 1.2 (coming out next week !) will only allow sequential ID allocation

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