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C220-M3 eth0 vNIC configured IP is not reachable

C220-M3 (VIC1225) server integrated with UCS manager configured in Direct connect mode. Server loaded with RHEL over boot from LUN. I configured as of now eth0 vNIC only out of 6 vNICs with IP address from existing vlans. No error reported over Service Profile or on the hardware part. Vlans are tagged properly over the ethernet.

Problem is the IP address is not communication, not able to ping the gateway itself. Need help to understand if any specific config to be done for the C series server to work.

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Do I understand you correctly

Do I understand you correctly: RHEL is installed and booted over the network successfully; a service profile with 6 vnic's and one is configured with a IP address, which cannot be pinged ?

Q. I assume the server has a CIMC IP address, and you could e.g. open a KVM session ?

Q. Do you have more than one vlan configured ?

Q. is the vlan of the eth0 interface tagged as native ? this is quite a common issue.

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Thank Wdey for your reply

Thank Wdey for your reply.

Your are absolutely correct on all the points you mentioned.

The eth0 interface is tagged with multiple vlans and one of then vlan 999 is Native.

How should I resolve the this issue

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Is your OS (RHEL) properly

Is your OS (RHEL) properly configured for a vlan trunk on interface eth0 ? Try to select only one vlan (999) in the service profile, and mark it as native !

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The RHEL OS eth0 interface is

The RHEL OS eth0 interface is configured correctly. The eth0 vNIC at UCS end configured as Server port, but the mode is showing as unknown. if we enable/Disable the port the mode then comes up as Trunk but after server re-acknowledgement it is again changing to mode as unknown. And out of all the vlans only vlan-999 is marked as Native. attaching the screenshot.

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Now I am confused; your

Now I am confused; your server is directly connected (VIC-1255) dual homed to fabric interconnect A and B; and the ports on FI are server ports ?

The eth0 vNIC at UCS end configured as Server port, but the mode is showing as unknown.

Can you please show us a screenshot of this ?

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the 2 Physical interface of

the 2 Physical interface of VIC1225 are connected 1 towards FI-A and other at FI-B int 1/18 over FCoE cable. The interface had been configured as Server port to pass both FC and eth traffic, FC traffic is working fine as I am able to boot the server. but when from OS end the eth0 vNIC is configured with IP  then the server is not reaching the gateway.

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Your ping doesn't work ?- are

Your ping doesn't work ?

- are you using a host outside UCS to originate your ping ?

- from within which vlan are you trying this ?

- can you ping the default gateway from this host ?

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yes the ping to the gateway

yes the ping to the gateway is not working. I tried ping the RHEL server from the other servers which are of same vlan. but not able to do so.

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Your screenshot shows, that

Your screenshot shows, that eth0 is configured with many vlan's (in the service profile); this means that on the OS, you have to configure subinterfaces, one for each vlan ?

An IP address (or IP subnet) belongs to a vlan !

Q. to which vlan does your configured IP address belongs to ?

Q. where is your gateway ?

Please show us a screenshot of the host IP configuration of eth0 interface

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