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C240 M3 with VIC 1225 managed with UCSM: Failure Reason: not enough vNIC available


I have problems in creating a working service profile with more than one vNIC/NIC.

I have a shiny new C240 server with a UCS VIC 1225 network card in PCI Slot 2. The server is directly connected to the two Fabric Interconnects (6248UP). 2 Direct attached cables with no FEX ("Direct Connect Mode Cluster Setup"). Firmware version is 2.2(1d). After setting the FI port to server role the server is flawlessly discovered. And shows up in the UCSM-GUI. And I see the VIC 1225 adapter that has 2 DCE Interfaces.

Now, when I try to create Service Profile for this server by choosing "Hardware Based Service Profile" (with Create default vNICs [X] and Create Default vHBA [ ]) I get the following error:


I am able to create a working profile with one vNIC in one fabric, but a soon as I try to add a second vNIC I get the error above.

What I expected was, that it is possible to map more than one vNIC/NIC into the server profile. At leat 2 NICs, one in each fabric.

I would be great if there is someone to bring some light in the darkness thats around me. Any hints or pointers to obvious documentation would be great.

Kind regards,

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Cisco Employee

When you crate the second

When you crate the second vnic, is this vnic pointing to a different fabric then the the first one?  If it is try to create the second vnic pointing to the same fabric as the first without enabling failover. If this work this mean that is a path issue to the other fabric. If this is the case verify that both DCE interfaces are up.  If one of the is down, try using another port on the fabric.


New Member

Hello,thanks for your answer.


thanks for your answer. And you are probably correct.

I can add aditional vnics to fabric A but not to fabric B. And even trying to add a single nic to Fabric B does not work.

I changed the ports for this server on the fabric interconnects and rebooted the FI but it did not help.

When I look at the General Tab of my server and then on Connection Details I see:

Conection Path: A, B
Connection Status: A
Managing Instance: A

My conclusion is, I have a problem with the Connection Path B of my C240..

New Member

After doing the upgrade to

After doing the upgrade to UCSM Version 2.2(2c), the problem seem to be gone. Case Closed.

Even though the is Conections Status is still "A", but that may be unrelated.

Thanks for the feedback.

Cisco Employee

After the upgrade, are you

After the upgrade, are you now able to add nics poiting to fabric B?  Did you check if your service profile is up and associated without and configuration failure?   

If it is working, you my want to decomm and re-ack the server, to see if that clears the issue.



New Member

Yes I can add NICs to fabric

Yes I can add NICs to fabric B and they work. I also did a decomm an re-ack but the

"Connections Details" in the General -> Equipment -> Rack-Mounts -> Server -> Server 1 Gereral Tab still as shown above.

But nevermind, My Server has connectivity through both fabrics, so I'll conclude that erverything is fine.

New Member

Last Update:There was indeed

Last Update:

There was indeed some strange bug/mis-configuration that hit us.

There were two port profiles in the VM tab of the UCSM-GUI, one named "foobar-Nic1" the second "foobar-NIC1" (just a difference in the case), once the later was removed, everything was fine.

It seems that UCSM is case sensitive but not NXOS for the port-profile configuration.

Not shure why it did not hit me everytime through noumerous decommossion re-ack cycles.

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