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New Member

Can Appliance port be a FCoE target?


Some how i got the feeling that to an Appliance port only a iSCSI target can be connected. I may be wrong. If i am i want the experts to clarify. To me it appears that, UCS FI, can not work as FCF that Nexux 5000 is capable of. If it is not capable of doing FCF function it would always need a upstream to an Nexus 5000 switch ? These things are not very clear on the user guide. I hope the docs gets better in coming days.

Regarding configration of appliance port, i have another question.

During configuration, one step is to assign a mac-address to the appliance port. What is this mac-address? Is it Target port that we are going to connect to mac-address, is it the switch interface mac-address which is it?

cisco-A-A /eth-storage/fabric # scope interface 1 7

cisco-A-A /eth-storage/fabric/interface # create eth-target macname

cisco-A-A /eth-storage/fabric/interface/eth-target* # set macaddress 18:10:10:6f:d2:03

cisco-A-A /eth-storage/fabric/interface/eth-target* # commit-buffer

If i look at the interface detail it shows,

cisco-A-A /eth-storage/fabric # show interface 1 7 detail

Storage Ethernet Interface:

    Slot Id: 1

    Port Id: 7

    User Label:

    Admin State: Enabled

    Oper State: Up

    Port mode: Trunk

    Pin group name: storage

    State Reason:

    Current Task:

cisco-A-A /eth-storage/fabric #

I connected FCoE target to this port. I dont know where to look for if the target has logged into the switch. Also how can we verify the LLDP negotiations?

Appreciate your response.

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New Member

Can Appliance port be a FCoE target?

Well I have finally managed to get my FCoE target logged into the UCS Inteconnect.

It is through FCoE storage port. Have to configure the ethernet interface port as FCoE storage port. I was not successful when configured as appliance port.

Here are my flogi database from FCoE login,

cisco-A-A(nxos)# show flogi database


INTERFACE        VSAN    FCID           PORT NAME               NODE NAME


vfc757           1025  0xee0000  20:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:03 10:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:03

vfc758           1030  0x7d0001  20:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:5d 10:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:5d

Total number of flogi = 2.

Smile at last...two days of struggling!

New Member

Can Appliance port be a FCoE target?

I am still looking for an answer from Cisco Expert, if we can connect a fcoe target to a configured appliance port at UCS fabric interconnect.

Cisco Employee

Can Appliance port be a FCoE target?

No.  FCoE Storage Ports are similar to a regular FC Storage Port, just uses different transport protocols.

Appliance Ports are for NAS devices.  As you have seen, one works, the other doesn't.