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Can I find CIMC IP Address through vSphere?

On some of the servers we manage I'm not able to access CIMC.  Either IP has changed (I don't have local access) or its not reachable for some reason. However I can access all the servers through vSphere / ESX.  


Is there any way I can confirm IP Address of CIMC through ESX?

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ESXi host IP address is

ESXi host IP address is totally independent of CIMC IP address ?

What kind of server do you have: blade or rack mount, and for the latter managed by UCS Manager ?

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It is not possible to find

It is not possible to find the Ip address through ESX.


The only way to find out about the ip for your server is by having local access to your server with a monitor and rebooting the server.  During the boot up process you will see the cimc ip address that your server has configured on the right corner of the screen.

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If you have vCenter Server

If you have vCenter Server with the vCenter Hardware Status Plug-in enabled, you can find the CIMC IP of a UCS-C ESXi Host from the vSphere Client.  Connect the vSphere Client to the vCenter Server, open the Hosts and Clusters view, highlight the ESXi Host, open the Host's Hardware Status tab, and look under Baseboard Management Controller to find the Management Controller IP Interface.

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