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Can not access to CIMC

Hi team,

I lost conectivity to CICM, I put this in Shared LOM Extended with active-active redundancy.

In the first days I can access to CIMC but after some time without chances, I lost this connection.

My question is:


I can access to CIMC without reload de UCS?



VIP Green

You talk about a C-series

You talk about a C-series server managed with UCS ? if this is the case

- which UCS version

- FEX or direct Fabric interconnect

- Is your ext. management pool big enough




New Member

Hi Wdey, My server is in

Hi Wdey,


My server is in standalone mode.



Hello,Shared LOM extended is


Shared LOM extended is the fabric defaults, usually used when the server is integrated.  If this is a standalone server, can you move it to a dedicated configuration and monitor?

Have you tried to ping the CIMC IP address during the time you "cannot" access CIMC?  If it responds, what about SSH? Is it reachable through that?



New Member

Hi Kenny,My server is in

Hi Kenny,

My server is in stanalone server, and not respond by ping.

I try connect back in Management port but this not respond.

I can change to dedicated port without reload my UCS Server?




Mario,Unfortunately, the CIMC


Unfortunately, the CIMC mode can be changed without reload but only when you have access to CIMC.

What is the Server model and CIMC version you are running?



New Member

Hi Kenny,

Hi Kenny, My ucs server is c240. I don't have the version.

Any chance you can get the

Any chance you can get the version and the SEL logs plus to see if something has been logged (of course that will require access to CIMC)


Be sure to confirm this is not a layer 1 issue, first.



New Member

Hi Kenny, This not a issue in

Hi Kenny,


This not a issue in layer 1, because my server is operational, and I have access to VMware.

Because this, I don´t like restart my UCS. But If I do not have other option I need request a maintenance for reload.


OK, if you can access ESXi

OK, if you can access ESXi through vSphere Client/vCenter, can you check the status of the vmnic to which you have attached your Mgmt cable?  

If you have Shared LOM for active/active, is the upstream switch configure in port channel for both of the ports or both cables are going to different switches?





New Member

I do not have any connect to

I do not have any connect to Management Port.

I have one stack switch with two switches, and i have my portchannel with four ports to one switch and other four ports with other switch. But the stack see only one switch.

I try connect one cable from the card operational and connect this on the Management port but this not respond the ping.

I attach some image for the vnic.

Thanks a lot for your help

Could you please confirm that

Could you please confirm that when you changed the cable to the dedicated mgmt port, you also rebooted the server, enter CIMC config (F8 during POST) and changed the NIC mode?  Otherwise, changing just the cable to the mgmt port makes no difference.




New Member

Hi Kenny,I´m not reboot the

Hi Kenny,

I´m not reboot the server, I am sure that if I rebooted the server I can access to CIMC, My really question is about i can recovery my access to CIMC without rebooted the server.

But with your comments I see that I can not recover this access without reboot the server.


Thanks a lot for your comments

Hi, I understood that part. I



I understood that part. I was trying to move the management to another port and ask you to monitor if you lose access again as the ports might be having problems or maybe a problem with your management traffic somewhere down the road.



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