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Can't add a new vNIC for service profile



I'm trying to add an additional vNIC for Service Profile.

B200-M3, VIC1240+expander, IOM 2208XP, 4 links between IOM and FI 6248, firmware 2.2(1f).

At the moment 7 vNICs are configured for this service profile. Service profile is associated with blade server.

When I try to add a new vNIC (it will be 8th vNIC), I see the error (see the attachment).

For some reasons separate vNICs are more useful for Hyper-V servers :)



All vNICs created via vNIC templates. All vNICs configured as VMQ, only iSCSI configured as Dynamic,

As I read the spec, VIC1240 can support up to 250 vNICs. What is wrong ? How to fix that ?




Did you create dynamic vnic ?

Did you create dynamic vnic ? or static ? please post it !

I believe you only need static vnic ? dynamic vnic would be needed for vm-fex (hypervisor path-through)

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I have seen the VMQ limit

I have seen the VMQ limit being reached when applying the VMQ policy to the vNIC template. Can you try not selecting the VMQ policy for these new vNICs. If this works, you might be reaching the VMQ limits as described below:

Number of VMQ's:

128 is the Maximum number per vNIC

256 is the max number per Blade



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