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Cannot enter BIOS or boot from LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i



I have a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i installed in a C220 M3 (in PCIe1). When I go to CIMC, I can see the adapter there and I can create RAID arrays. I can set the first logical drive to be the boot drive too without a problem. If I boot from ESXi installer it will see the disks and install to them.


The problem is, the server won’t boot from the disks, and I don’t see any problems for the card’s BIOS during boot. I have disabled the on-board RAID controller.


How do I get the server to boot from the RAID card?

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Also, the two drives I have

Also, the two drives I have configured, one RAID1, and one RAID5 both have a "moderate fault" with "cache degraded" messages.

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All issues now resolved. Must

All issues now resolved.


Must admit, I was a little surprised and disappointed that there wasn't a reply even from a Cisco employee. The issues I had cannot be that unusual...

Hi,Glad to see the issue is


Glad to see the issue is resolved now (I never saw your post before) was it that the OptionROM for the PCIe card was not enabled or the boot order was not properly set?



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