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CentOS support for UCS B and C series


as far as I Know, CentOS is not yet officially supported on Cisco UCS.


However, does anyone know will CentOS work on Cisco UCS B200 M3 and C220 M3 servers?


What is the situation wih drivers etc?


BR, Mate 


Hi,I still don't see it here:


I still don't see it here: ; so I would say it is still not supported and in consequence there are no drivers available for the specific OS.

The situation between "will be supported" and "will work" is that one is not consequence of the other. It may work but be unsupported.







New Member

Agree with Kenny on this one

Agree with Kenny on this one but in saying that, I am sure it will work. You are just going to run a completely unsupported and tested configuration. I don't know what Cisco TACs response would be, vendors may give a "best effort" response if you open a case. Or they may just shut the door and say this OS is not supported, sorry we cannot help you. Is that an acceptable risk to your business? I mean you are already running an unsupported OS per se. You need community support and rely on your Linux administrators expertise. Don't forget CentOS is basically RHEL with some minor differences. You may even find that Cisco UCS drivers are already included in the CentOS image. Have you checked that?

Cisco Employee

Works perfectly.  "Support"

Works perfectly.  "Support" is a fuzzy term.  I think many places can get by just fine without official OS support and that's one of the great things about CentOS is that there is a large community around it.  Here's a guide I wrote for making it work with vMedia policies.  Works great and nearly identical for RedHat and CentOS:

New Member

Hi,I tried to install


I tried to install yesterday Centos 7.0 from minimal iso (on an USB key) on an UCS C220 M3

I have an error because disk is nor recognised. I have 2 1TB disk in RAID1

Does anyone have workarround ?





Cisco Employee

Looking at the support matrix

Looking at the support matrix for UCS C series, I see that Centos 7 is supported with caveats, one being that it has only been tested with a pre-defined configuration. Any idea how one can get details of that pre-defined configuration?

The support matrix link is below:



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