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Chassis Maximum ID Number


Is there anyway to assign Chassis ID higher than 40?


Hetal Soni                  

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Chassis Maximum ID Number


I am not sure, just because I have never had to do it before, but why would you need to do that if even with the new FIs the max you can support is 20 chassis?

If you need to, you may re-assign a chassis number that is not in use:

From the GUI:

Step 1   In the Navigation pane, click the Equipment tab.

Step 2   On the Equipment tab, expand Equipment > Chassis.

Step 3   Verify that the Chassis node does not include the following:

     •    The chassis you want to renumber

     •    A chassis with the number you want to use

If either of these chassis are listed in the Chassis node, decommission  those chassis. You must wait until the decommission FSM is complete and  the chassis are not listed in the Chassis node before continuing. This  might take several minutes.

Step 4   On the Equipment tab, click the Chassis node.

Step 5   In the Work pane, click the Decommissioned tab.

Step 6   For the chassis that you want to renumber, do the following:

     a.    Right-click the chassis and choose Re-commission Chassis.

     b.    In the Chassis ID field of the Re-commission Chassis dialog  box, type or use the arrows to choose the ID that you want to assign to  the chassis

     c.    Click OK

Step 7   If Cisco UCS Manager GUI displays a confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


Community Member

Chassis Maximum ID Number

Thanks for response.

We would like to use Chassis ID 1-25  for Domain1 and 26 to 50 for Domain 2.


Hetal soni

Chassis Maximum ID Number


Thanks for the clarification, what is the error that you see when you attemp to number the chassis higher than 40?

Are you, by any chance, using UCS central and see some particular error there?


Community Member

Chassis Maximum ID Number


Thanks for your response. UCSM doesn't allow to choose ID higher than 40. Currently, I am not using UCS Central.

Is it possible to open up enhancement request?



Chassis Maximum ID Number


I will discuss the option with a colleague to see what can be done, but I am not sure unless there is a good demand from other customers to have this feature too, cause as I mentioned above, no more than 20 chassis are supported and there are no plans to increment that (at least now), however I understand you do not want more than 20 chassis per domain, the enhancement request may take that path.

You may contact your Cisco Rep to discuss further as he/she can address this in the best way and expose the situation and why it is a need for you.


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