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Cisco UCS Manager - API Model Documentation and the APE

First question is "cheeky-monkey-ish" but I'm interested so here goes:

(1) Is it possible to find an official/unofficial download location for the APE (Cisco USCS Application Platform Emulator)

(2)  Second,  I keep seeing a  AWESOME HTML-based UCS Model Documentation .jpg in a couple of documents....where can I get a hold of this on-line based html doc breaking down the API model?  I need to run some scripts on the smBIOS.

Figure 1-2, Page1-19 of the Cisco UCS Manager XML API Programmer's Guide, Release 1.x

(3) Third Question, how can I become a UCS guru--this stuff is just incredible--for Cisco's first attempt at the server market--which is awesome--the future is boundless for Cisco.  In other words, are there standard industry courses out there by like Global Knowledge?  Where is the best place to start?

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