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Cisco UCS server alarm

On the UCS server, that should be set alarm sound during the fault state. Actually, I had the three UCS servers coexited on the one rack. It is diffcult for us to identify which server making the alarm sound is. Can I change the alarm sound to become the different sound?

Cisco Employee

Cisco UCS server alarm

Hi Chi,

The C-Series server are shipped with the raid controllers (LSI) that give you a warning when there is an alert with either hard drives, battery or raid controller. The beeping noise is more likely combing from this adapter. To my knowledge you can disable alarm tone but cannot be changed.

Do you have an IP address for CIMC (management) set up for these units? I do suggest to verify the status of the Virtual drives via GUI to find out where is the fault or hardware failure event. Also monitor the HDD LEDs.

This can give you a hint of the current issue:

LSI MegaRAID Card Beep Codes:

Beep Code  ---------------------- LSI Firmware State --------------------Cause (Depending on RAID Level)


3 seconds on, 1 second off        SPEAKER_OFFLINE_ENTRY               •RAID 0: One or more drives offline.

                                                                                                    •RAID 1: Two drives offline.

                                                                                                    •RAID 5: Two or more drives offline.

                                                                                                    •RAID 6: More than two drives offline.


1 second on, 1 second off         SPEAKER_DEGRADED_ENTRY            •RAID 1: A mirrored drive failed.

                                                                                                    •RAID 5: One drive failed.

                                                                                                    •RAID 6: One or two drives failed.


1 second on, 3 seconds off       SPEAKER_HOTSPARE_ENTRY              A hot spare drive has completed the rebuild process and has been brought into the array.

The alarm tone can be disabled using the following command:

# MegaCli -AdpSetProp -AlarmSilence -aALL

You can also silence the alarm in the LSI MegaRAID BIOS Config Utility. However, be aware that this process requires a server reboot in order to access the WebBIOS. The alarm control is located in Controller Properties.

I hope this helps!


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