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configure Management port in C220M3


we have UCS C220M3 server, which have 3 NIC ports, one for Management  and two for Data. I need to configure 1 IP address for Management port (for CIMC), other two ports will be used for normal data transfer. when i give the IP for CIMC and connected the cable for Management port CIMC is not accessible, but when I connect the cable for nornal other ports CICM is accessible, how can i use management port to access CIMC ?



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Re: configure Management port in C220M3


I had the same issue with our C220 M3.

When you get in to the CIMC, click on the admin tab on the left hand side, then select Network from the menu. You will have the network settings open and on that page there is the NIC Properties, make sure you change NIC Mode to Dedicated and save the changes, this will make the management port the dedicated link into the CIMC.

I hope this helps ?


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Re: configure Management port in C220M3


Be sure of the following:

1-The cable is attached and functional in the port shown below

2-In the CIMC configuration screen (accessed by pressing F8 when the server boots and show the Cisco logo)

3-Make sure "NIC mode" is set to Dedicated and F10 to save the settings

If the cable is connected to the right port (shown the beggining) give it a try to the answer above given by

gazzamitch (I gave 5 stars!) that is a lot better than having to reboot the server (in case it is in production already).  This will not cause data disruption but will take you out of CIMC probably for a really short period of time (just the time you take to login again)

More info here:

Shared LOM EXT (default)—This is shared LOM  extended mode. This is the factory-default setting, along with  Active-active NIC redundancy and DHCP-enabled. With this mode, the  shared LOM and Cisco Card interfaces are both enabled.

Dedicated—The dedicated management port is used to access the CIMC. You must select a NIC redundancy and IP setting.

Shared LOM—The 1-Gb Ethernet ports are used to access the CIMC. You must select a NIC redundancy and IP setting.

Cisco  Card—The ports on an installed Cisco UCS virtual interface card (VIC)  are used to access the CIMC. You must select a NIC redundancy and IP  setting.

My 2 cents


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configure Management port in C220M3


-  What are your network settings you used when for CIMC management when the server is using the management port?

- Did you assign a vlan for CIMC management?

If so, another idea is to verify the uplink port on the switch has the VLAN that the management interface belongs to.

I hope this helps!

- Chris

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