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Configure Nexus 5548 for native FC


does anyone have steps on how to configure n5k for native fc to a storage controller and then map that to an interface running fcoe to a fabric interconnect say 6200 ?

appreciate any pointers

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Configure Nexus 5548 for native FC

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Configure Nexus 5548 for native FC

Hi richard

Yes i had seen that but it covers FCoE and I am looking for documentation on native FC.


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Configure Nexus 5548 for native FC

I hope this helps. For integrating UCS in FC NPV mode, you need to enable NPIV on the N5k (feature NPIV)

Fiber Channel (FC) Ports on Nexus 5000

Cisco Nexus 5000 is a Cisco Data Center switch platform that supports conventional Ethernet, Storage Area Network (SAN) and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). The switch platform has support for connection directly to native Fiber Channel (FC) SAN network with its FC ports. This is needed at least for now as most of customers' storages are still using FC or are behind FC network.

This post will look at specifically on how to enable FC ports on Nexus 5500 (Nexus 5548UP and Nexus 5596UP) when we need to connect and integrate to FC network. In addition to that, we will look at some of the rules or restrictions that are worth to note based on the current hardware implementation when allocating ports on the switch for FC.

Cisco Nexus 5548UP and Nexus 5596UP are Unified Fabric switches that have 32 and 48 Fixed SFP+ ports, respectively. This fixed or built-in ports are unified ports which means that each of the ports can be used for conventional Ethernet, FCoE or FC. Out of the box, all of the 32 or 48 ports are "Ethernet" port type. As the name implies, with this port type, the port are ready for us to be used as conventional Ethernet port or for FCoE. Remember that FCoE is basically transporting FC traffic over Ethernet, so we need "Ethernet" port type for FCoE.

In that case, what if we need to use some of the built-in ports for FC?

To use some of the ports as FC ports, we need to change the port type of the port(s) that we intent to use for FC connection. Here's an example of commands to change port type on the switch:

N5K(config)#slot 1
N5K(config-port)#port 41-48 type fc
N5K(config-port)#copy running-config startup-config

As the above command example, we change ports 31 and 32 from the default "Ethernet" to "FC" type. Similarly, to convert back from FC to Ethernet port type:

N5K(config)#slot 1
N5K(config-port)#port 41-48 type ethernet
N5K(config-port)#copy running-config startup-config

Note: Refer to this Cisco's Command Reference document for further detail of this command:

You might surprise that there's a reload command in the end? Yes, you need to reload the entire switch to convert  port type. of the important notes here is that, as much as possible, convert the ports before the switch is in production.

After the port type has been changed from Ethernet to FC, the FC port will not be enabled on the switch until FCOE feature is enabled:

N5K(config)#feature FCOE
C license checked out successfully
fc_plugin extracted successfully
FC plugin loaded successfully
FCoE manager enabled successfully
FC enabled on all modules successfully
Enabled FCoE QoS policies successfully

After that, we verify that the port type is changed successfully and the FC ports appear on the switch:

N5K# show interface brief
Interface  Vsan   Admin  Admin   Status          SFP    Oper  Oper   Port
                  Mode   Trunk                          Mode  Speed  Channel
                         Mode                                 (Gbps)
fc1/41     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/42     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/43     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/44     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/45     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/46     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/47     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
fc1/48     1      auto   on      sfpAbsent        --     --           --
Ethernet      VLAN    Type Mode   Status  Reason                   Speed     Port
Interface                                                                    Ch #
Eth1/1        1       eth  trunk  down    SFP validation failed       10G(D) 22
Eth1/2        1       eth  access down    SFP not inserted            10G(D) --
Eth1/3        1       eth  trunk  down    SFP validation failed       10G(D) 32
Eth1/4        1       eth  access down    SFP not inserted            10G(D) --

Besides the fixed ports, each of the switch model have slot for expansion module for increasing the port density. The number of slot is 1 for Nexus 5548UP and 3 for 5596UP. For supporting FC, the following modules are available to choose from:

- Fibre Channel plus Ethernet module that provides eight Ethernet port and eight native Fibre Channel ports.

   The first 8 ports of this module is Ethernet port and the remaining 8 ports are FC ports. The location of  Ethernet and FC ports are indicated with different colors.

- Unified port module that provides up to sixteen Ethernet ports OR up to sixteen native Fibre Channel ports
   This is unified port, similar to the fixed or built-in ports whereby it's up to us to use the ports either for  Ethernet or FC. Probably you only want to use some of the ports or even the entire module for FC.

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Configure Nexus 5548 for native FC

Hi wdey

I have tried the step you mentioned but I do not see my fc port.

Is there a licence required?

This is what I have


Switch3# show module

Mod Ports  Module-Type                      Model                  Status

--- -----  -------------------------------- ---------------------- ------------

1    32     O2 32X10GE/Modular Universal Pla N5K-C5548UP-SUP        active *

3    0      O2 Non L3 Daughter Card          N55-DL2                ok

Mod  Sw              Hw      World-Wide-Name(s) (WWN)

---  --------------  ------  --------------------------------------------------

1    5.1(3)N1(1a)    1.0     20:01:00:2a:6a:46:d7:80 to 20:03:00:2a:6a:46:d7:80

3    5.1(3)N1(1a)    1.0     --

Mod  MAC-Address(es)                         Serial-Num

---  --------------------------------------  ----------

1    002a.6a46.d768 to 002a.6a46.d787         FOC17237LDC

3    0000.0000.0000 to 0000.0000.000f         FOC17233PTK

Switch3# show  license


SERVER this_host ANY

VENDOR cisco

INCREMENT VMFEX_FEATURE_PKG cisco 1.0 permanent uncounted \


        NOTICE=201307011902440001N5K-C5548UP-FASSI17150H5Y \



Also I have an active zoneset on the cisco 5548UP. However the last 2 ports 1/32 & 1/31 ports are not part of the zone(fcoe ports)

Is there something else that needs to be done ?

VIP Green

Configure Nexus 5548 for native FC

Are you intending to use native FC and/or FCoE ports ? if yes, you need a storage license

Storage Protocols Services Package







  • Native Fibre Channel
  • FCoE
  • NPV
  • FC Port Security
  • Fabric Binding
New Member

I know this is an older

I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to add that when changing port types on the expansion modules you can just reload the module itself without reloading the entire switch.

I did a quick write up on it:

New Member

HI ,

HI ,

the link is not working. can you please share me a an active link ?


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