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connect nxos from UCS Fabric Interconnect


Found that from UCS Fabric Interconnect there is a command to connect to nxos. After connecting to nxos some no of show nxos cli commands (available on Nexus 5x series) are available but no "conf t" works. However in the UCS FI cli guide there is no mention of this command. Can any expert point out the use of these nxos commands also if they are any helpful. I was able to look at flogi database from these nxos cli commands. I am not sure if it can be counted as legitimate.

cisco-A-A# connect nxos

cisco-A-A(nxos)# show flogi database


INTERFACE        VSAN    FCID           PORT NAME               NODE NAME


vfc757           1025  0xee0000  20:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:03 10:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:03

vfc758           1030  0x7d0001  20:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:5d 10:00:00:10:18:6f:d2:5d

Total number of flogi = 2.



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connect nxos from UCS Fabric Interconnect


UCSM is software that runs on top of NXOS.  You can connect to the underlying NXOS context, but as you've seen you have read-only access.  NXOS context is good for verifying fiber channel and ethernet settings.

Depending which mode you're running UCSM in (Ethernet - End Host Mode vs Switch mode, Fiber Channel - End Host Mode vs. FC Switch mode) different commands will be available.  You can find a full list of commands in the Nexus 5K CLI Guides.

When configuring from the UCSM GUI or UCSM CLI, all commands are translated into NXOS commands.  Since UCSM has it's own configuration and object Database, all commands must be processed by UCSM - hence why the NXOS contexdt is Read-only.



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connect nxos from UCS Fabric Interconnect

Thanks Robert. I did not find the the above screenshot in the UCS CLI  guide. If you dont mind can you please provide link to the documentation  ?

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