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Connect standalone server to UCS (6248)?

Can you connect a normal server (w/1gb NIC) to a fabric interconnect? As far as I understand it, the only possible way would be to configure an uplink port (which gets created as a trunk) which would require the server NIC to also be in trunk mode, which I don't want to do. Appliance ports are only for direct connect NFS storage and Server ports are 10gb only (used mainly for connecting to a UCS chassis).

I have a general Dell server in the same rack as our UCS environment and I don't want to have to run a cable to an adjacent rack if possible. The only situation I can find where you would connect a non-blade to the FIs would be a C-Series standalone server, which uses an Uplink port on the FI.

Just wondering if anyone has used their FIs in this way.



Connect standalone server to UCS (6248)?

Hi Ross,

The only rack servers which we support to be connected to the UCS FI are the C series servers. One of the reasons being they running the CIMC which the UCSM uses to manage and configure the rack server (almost like the way we do with our blades).


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