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Difference Between WWNN and WWPN


What is the difference between WWNN and WWPN?

 WWNN is world wide Node Number where can i find this number on HBA card?

 WWPN is world wide port Number where can i find this number?




I assume you are a UCS user

I assume you are a UCS user;

here the concept is NOT to use any pwwn/nwwn of the hardware. We create pools of pwwn and nwwn, and when we create Service Profiles, and vhba, we assign pwwn and nwwn out of this pools.
therefore you can move (associate) the service profile from one blade to another, without changing the zoning.

Caveat: in UCS we use mostly VIC adaptors which are CNA's, which means dual port 10G (or 20, 40) adaptors. Therefore you want see a label with pwwn, nwwn on the adaptor.

On a physical HBA you would see such a label.

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Hi Wdey,I am New to this

Hi Wdey,

I am New to this world. In MDS switch while configuring zones and zones set we have to provide pwwn and fwwn numbers for that i have asked you.

My requirement here is I have cisco  UCS blade chassis . All blades has ESXi hosts i want to present one lun to only one Esxi. Cable Connections are done from storage to MDS and from MDS to Fabric.

Now i am trying to configuring MDS in that i got confusion

we need pwwn and fwwn numbers

As per your reply pwwn are available in blade in pools and fwwn (Storage port) are available on storage side that is wwn port number  please correct me if i am wrong and where can i find fwwn (Storage port)

Before you create a service

Before you create a service profile, you need to create the following pools: UUID, MAC, nwwn, pwwn).

During the process of creating a SP, you reference this pools, and then you see the pwwn of your hba, which he extracts from this pwwn pool; same applies for UUID, MAC and nwwn.

And please don't forget to select the sequential allocation of the pools.

Have a look at


It's not 100% up to date; but the SAN setup is still valid.


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