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Fabric Interconnect Fail over behavior expectations..

Dear Team,

We have 2 FI A and primary and B as subordinate in HA ready mode

Some configuration setting made in ESXi (2 VNic 1 in vlan 7 and other in Vlan 8,Vnic1-in FI A in vlan 7 connected and working vnic2-FI B in vlan8 is disconnected)and is working fine

Now we truned off A and B started the election process and we tried to make it as primary by "lead"  "force" then it said its doing that

process by itself please wait and it got emerged as "primary"

Now on turning off FI A connectivity to this ESXi was lost as expected as Vnic2-FI B in vlan 8 is not connected,ok

So we connected the vnic2 which is in FI B in ESXi,since the network flow was allowed for only Vlan7, we had to make the vlan for vnic2 in FI B as vlan7 and all fine ,and connectivity came back up.( This Change was made in Service profile Network tab and selection the vnic properties and changing vlan after connecting to FI B)

Now we turned on the FI A and it took over from FI B as primary, and we found that the connectivity was again lost, When we examined we found that

the changes (change of vlan from 8 to 7) to vnic2 made in FI B was reverted to its initial state that was in FI A before it was turned off ie the vlan got changed to Vlan 8,we had to change that to vlan7 manually in FI A for the network connectivity to come up

So the Question is why the changes made to vlan for vnic2 in FI B was reverted to the config that was there in  FI A before switching off?

Now its case of a vNIC so any other major config or Service profile is there a chance of that getting reverted?

Is there any thing that we have missed out in setting to achive the latest config (in FI B) only when the FI A takes over as primary from FI B?

Thanks and Regards


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