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Fabric Interconnect ISSU support

I was asked by many cutomers about ISSU support for the UCS Fabric Interconnect ? They all know, that N5K (without L3 module) supports ISSU. Is it on the roadmap ?            

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Fabric Interconnect ISSU support

Hello wdey,

This is a different concept, the nexus control plane need keep relationships during the upgrade process.

In the UCS Fabric Interconnect, you have others tecnologies to provide high avability to the system overall. (fabric failover, UCSM cluster, FC multipath).

Although the N5K and the FI is almost the same box, the systems running are completly different. The ISSU in the FI is not necessary, as all functions can be transfered to the pair FI that remained running.


Fabric Interconnect ISSU support

Thanks Richard ! I know of course all this arguments;

In the storage world it is meanwhile state of the art, that all FC switches allow non disruptive upgrades (director as well as non director switches).

Multipathing and/or Teaming are nice, if they work ? and you know of course FC connectivity of Tapes, which don't support multipathing.

UCS firmware upgrade which means running a couple of minutes with one fabric has some risks, nevertheless.

Is your answer the definitive NO, even for the roadmap ? 

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