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FI6120XP FC Expansion Module ports fail



While introducing an MDS9148 switch to the environment we changed Fabric Interconnect FC mode from Switch to End Host. However, after the required FI reboot all ports in the FC Expansion Module were completely dead - they show up as failed in UCSM and no light was visible in the fc cables. The MDS lit up it´s ports just fine and all cabling was done correctly.

Does anybody know why this occured? Did the port mode need to be reconfigured in CLI from fc-storage to fc-uplink as well?

The Equipment details are as follows:
UCSM v2.0(1t) (planned to be upgraded to latest version, default zoning has to be reconfigured)
6-port 8Gb FC Module N10-E0060



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Hi AndreasEnd host mode for

Hi Andreas

End host mode for Ethernet and FC is the default setting for FI ? Why did you change it ?

Did you try to remove and reinsert the module ? Anyway, it should not happen.


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Hi,We did not change it from


We did not change it from default, it was set up that way a few years ago with direct connected storage and default zoning. The goal here is to implement MDS, zoning and upgrade UCS to later fw.

After the switch to End Host mode we did not reinsert the module, instead we reverted back to fc mode and decided to investigate how to proceed.

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