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Host OS install


I am trying to set-up and UCS -B series blade server from scratch.

The network admin has powered up the hardware with fabric interconnects and I am able to access the kvm console for the blade.

Next step was to install Ubuntu as the host os which was successful.

While installing Ubuntu, I have assigned IP address for this blade. However, this IP address is not reachable from the external world.

I am looking for a guide/document which can help me network access to this blade.

Thanks for your time.



Host OS install

Most likely this is a trivial problem.

Q. How did you define your virtual ethernet interfaces in the service profile: one vlan per veth ? or multiple (vlan trunk) ?

Most likely it's one; then you might try to select this vlan as the native vlan; your Ubuntu might not expect 802.1Q trunked Ethernet frames !

Cisco Employee

Thanks Wdey for your response

Thanks Wdey for your response.

Looks like it is a vlan configuration issue. I am working with the admin to get this fixed.



Cisco Employee

Can you provide more

Can you provide more information about your UCS environment? 

Does it meet the UCS HW and SW interoperability? 

- Reference:

What is the UCS firmware version? (2.1(3a), 2.2(1c), etc)

What is the server model? (B200 M3, B22 M3, etc) 

What network adapter is installed on the server? (M81KR, VIC 1240, etc)

What version of Ubuntu? 

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