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How can I release assigned identities from Service Profile?



As you know, when I create a service profile with serveral pools, each service profile holds its own identities such as MAC, WWnN, WWpN, Mgmt IP, etc.

I really want to know how to release those assigned identities from SP back to the pools.


Thanks in advance.


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The only way is to assign it

The only way is to assign it to another pool !

Caveat: If you delete a pool, which has values assigned to a SP, this values remain with the SP; it is only deleted,  once you change to a different pool.

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If there is only one pool...?

If there is only one pool...? 

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You create a small MAC,UUID,.

You create a small MAC,UUID,.... dummy pool; then you point your SP to this MAC, UUID,... dummy pool, and the corresponding values from the original pool are released !

Don't understand why you would like to do it ?

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I am so new to this

I am so new to this environment, so I appreciate any feedback. I have a blade that is associated with a service profile created from template. It is probably fine but this blade was never fully implemented correctly (associated with a boot LUN and host software installed, etc). I wanted to unassociate it completely so that my colleague would have the opportunity to walk through the process of setting up a blade from A to Z. My environment is indeed small so I only have the single resource pool. Thanks for your input.

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Hi deannamcneilOne way you

Hi deannamcneil

One way you can release these values, is by assigning them manually to the service profile instead of pulling these values from a pool.  

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