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How to tell if VLAN added to 6248s?

We are working to solve a connectivity problem with virtual machines on a Distributed Virtual Switch.

They are connected to a distributed port group that is configured with a VLAN, and the VLAN ID is entered in the distributed port group's properties as you would expect.

When I look in UCS Manager, I see the VLAN exists and of course this maps to the VLAN on the distributed virtual port group in vSphere.

The VMs still have no connectivity, even though things look right in vCenter and in UCS Manager.

How can I check on the 6248s to see if the VLAN has been added to the trunk down from the upstream switches? 

And/or is there any other way I can verify the VLAN is accessible?



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How to tell if VLAN added to 6248s?

It turns out that it was not added to the trunk between the upstream switches and the core switches.

Re: How to tell if VLAN added to 6248s?


Glad to see issue is figured out already, just to add a detail for future reference in case you want to see VLANs allowed for a particular uplink.

You can find out allowed VLANs on a vEthernet interface with the following commands:

A# connect  nxos a/b  <<< a OR b depending on which FI you want to investigate

A(nxos)# sh pinning border-interfaces  << Will show uplink interface(s) each vEth is pinned to to get to the outside world


Border Interface           Status    SIFs


Po1 < uplink                 Active       VethX VethY VethM     <<< Interfaces VethX VethY VethM will use Po1 to go up

A(nxos)# sh inter vethernet x switchport  << (x=  choose any of the vEths) , this will show you allowed vlans

Name: Vethernetx

  Switchport: Enabled

  Switchport Monitor: Not enabled

  Operational Mode: trunk

  Access Mode VLAN: 1 (default)

  Trunking Native Mode VLAN: 1 (default)

  Trunking VLANs Enabled: 1

Hope that help somehow in the future


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