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Is UCS Emulator very effective.

Hello Everyone,

Is Cisco UCS emulator very effective? Up to what extent can I practice on that emulator? I am planning to build my carrier in and as UCS Administrator. Will this Emulator help me out to do sum hands on and go for certification? Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Is UCS Emulator very effective.

The emulator will allow you to do everything up to assign a profile to a blade.

It's designed to allow people to 'practice' with things such as policies, resource pools and items that do not require actual hardware to be present.

Download it and have a play!

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New Member

Is UCS Emulator very effective.

I think it is quite good. There are some thinks I would like to see added though

  • authentication
  • syslog
  • snmp
  • configuration backups

I have done some scripting against the XML interface and that one is working great.

New Member

Is UCS Emulator very effective.

Thanks for the replys and valuable suggestions.I have one last question.

How about UCS manager. can i create profiles in this emulator. will it give me a real time experience. in simple words can I do every thing. Thankx in advance.

New Member

Is UCS Emulator very effective.

Hello Parvez.

Yes, you can create profiles, templates, pools, etc.  It is very useful for practicing in the UCS-M and setting up a UCS.

You can also create and configure hardware, e.g. B200M2 blade with 2 x CPUs, Ram, hard drives, etc.

It even shows you the actual Cisco part numbers.

Be sure and read the release notes as it spells out exactly what you can and cannot do with this.

KVM doesn't work and you can't actually manage the SAN fabric but you can configure HA and uplinks.  You can also script against it, i.e. use GoUCS to create scripts from the GUI interactions.

I would like to see an easier way to add blades and hardware rather then painfully adding them one item at a time with no way to copy the blade config that I could tell.  Mabye save off the xml file and copy and paste more blades in?

Hope this helps.


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