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iSCSI boot for SLES 11.2

I've got iSCSI boot (w/ multipath) configured fine for my Win2008R2 and Win2012R2 installations, and I'm using the same UCS settings when trying to install SuSE 11.2.  During BIOS boot-up I do see that the two paths are detected fine, but while performing the SuSE install I can't get it to scan for disks via iSCSI.  I do have iscsi=1 in the boot options, and I've tried going to the Advanced Config -> Initializing iSCSI Initiator Configuration screen, but can't get it to detect or even get to a screen where I could set target IPs and target iqn.

Does anyone know off-hand how to configure iSCSI boot for SLES 11.2?

Thank you!

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Re: iSCSI boot for SLES 11.2

My bad!  I needed: withiscsi=1 in the boot options, not iscsi=1.    I saw iscsi=1 written in error somewhere on the web and ran with that.  (If I find that blog entry, I'll let em know they've got a typo.  EDIT: found it, ashbyj's comment here: has iscsi=1, not withiscsi=1.)

Ok to close this out, SLES 11.2 is now seeing the various volumes using withiscsi=1 and installing fine.

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