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Issue with UCS Central Pools

I have created a global service profile in UCS Central, and subsequently deleted it.  Now when I try to create another service profile I get the following error:

"[FSM:STAGE:REMOTE-ERROR]: Result: unidentified-fail Code: ERR-MO-resource-allocation Message: Cannot assign address 00:25:B5:01:00:42 to org-root/ls-BVUCSVMBP12/ether-G_BV_ESXi_Mgmt as it is already assigned to org-root/ls-BVUCSVMBP11/ether-"

BVUCSVMBP11 is the name of the old service profile, and BVUCSVMBP12 is the new one.  It appears that the pool is still showing this MAC bound to the old service profile, but not incrementing the counter so that when I create a new service profile, it trys to re-use the MAC, but can't because it is already bound to the old/deleted SP. 

Any way to resolve this?

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Issue with UCS Central Pools

You are using Global service profiles; do you also use global pools for UUID, MAC,....

Deleting a SP should usually free up any resources (from the diffferent pools)

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Issue with UCS Central Pools

Yes, I am using global pools.  The issue I am facing is specifically with global MAC pools.  I created a different MAC pool and now I can create new Global SP instances.  It appears that UCSC is not releasing the MACs when the GSP is deleted.

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Hi Donald,Is your issue

Hi Donald,

Is your issue resolved? its called Ghost profile issue. i am facing same issue. and looking for solution. thnx.


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Unfortunately, no.  I stopped

Unfortunately, no.  I stopped using global pools as a result.  If I get some time, I might try again, but right now I am swamped on other projects.  If I come up with a solution, I'll post it here.


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Can you post your version of

Can you post your version of UCS Central?

Have you tried to delete the MAC pool and re-add it? You should be able to navigate to the MAC pools section and check which MAC pools, etc are in use and where. You may add another service profile named the same thing and try and make adjustments to it. 



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