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MDS and Fabric InterConnect Zoning Query with MDS Manager->Quick Config

MDS and Fabric InterConnect Zoning Query


We have a Fabric Interconnect in FC EndHost Mode, and one FC port is made as FC uplink that is connected to the MDS (npiv mode)(physical port FC31 on FI to port FC1 on MDS)

Now on the FI through 2 Service Profiles we have 2 vHBA cards, 1 each whose WWPN numbers along with the WWPN no: of the FC port in FI (WWPN count=3) are shown in MDS on giving the command "show flogi database".

On connecting the SAN to MDS even the WWPN no: from the SAN also showing in MDS (Total WWPN no count=4)


Now in MDS when we do a Zoning using MDS Manager->Quick Config(Check Boxes which we check to  do the Zoning)- it shows the WWPN no of the SAN and the latest WWPN from the FI (means the WWPN no of the latest vHBA Card that got reported to MDS).

So if we do zoing it gets done and LUN are available and can be used..

Now if we ADD another vHBA Card in UCS via Service profile which (the WWPN number of new vHBA) gets reported to MDS via FI, this gets automatically Zoned? and the ports are already Zoned as mentioned in Scenario B?

Also all the WWPNS coming to this port from FI will get ZOned automatically as the ports (physical port FC31 on FI to port FC1 on MDS)are already Zoned.

What is the best way to do Zoing?

We have checked Vlan based and also in default vlan


If we make the Servers offline then one by one the WWPNS gets vanished from the flogi DB and which ever server stays online its WWPN from vHBA will be shown as part of Zone in the MDS Manager ->Quick Config Since the "ports" are already Zoned

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