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Moving Service Profile Template and Service Profiles to new Organization?


I am in the process of converting a UCS system from an initial setup where everything was put in root, to a multitenant setup for multiple client organizations.

There is an existing client which has one service profile template and twelve service profiles in the root organization. I would like to "move" these to a new organization (lets call it Client1), but I need to preserve the existing WWN, MAC mappings, etc. because these hosts are configured for Boot from SAN, MAC access policies, etc.

What is the simplest way to accomplish this? I had seem some things about doing a "Copy XML" on the template and hosts, tweak a few things, and then import it back, but I would like some clear guidance or also to know if there is a simpler way.

Downtime is not a problem, these hosts can be shutdown and disassociated for over a week without issue (they are backup and dev hosts).

Let me know, thanks in advance!

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Re: Moving Service Profile Template and Service Profiles to new

...I have never tried the XML method that you described bit can tell you that you can not move the service profile out of the root org. You can however perform a copy. I do not think this will give you what you are looking for though as all the pool related info will be returned to the pool when you delete the original service profile in the root org. Let me know how the XML import goes. You will want to make back ups before you do any of this.

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Re: Moving Service Profile Template and Service Profiles to new

Right, I was aware of copy but you are correct in that it just creates a new server with the same settings but pulls new addresses from the pool, so this isn't a good option unless I manually want to go back and re-edit all those values.

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