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Nexus 1000v

OK, how about this then?  Can someone tell me what a system VLAN is, when talking about

assigning one to uplink port profiles?  Cisco manual states:

For this reason, the following ports must use system VLANs:
•Control and packet VLANs in the uplinks that communicate with the VSM.
•Management VLAN in the uplinks and VMware kernel NICs used for VMware vCenter server connectivity or SSH or Telnet connections.
•Storage VLAN used by the VSM for VM file system access in the uplinks and VMware kernel NICs used for iSCSI or network file systems.


Re: Nexus 1000v


A System VLAN with the Nexus1000v is a VLAN which is always up and forwarding on the VEM. This is even true when the VEM is not connected to the VSM in conditions like the VSM is down the VEM has been reloaded (like a system reboot etc).

Essentially you mark all the critical VLANs (Control, Packet, Management interface, vmk etc) as System VLAN.

Hope this answeres your query.


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Re: Nexus 1000v

Where do I set that vlan marking?

Also, my sh module vem counters mapping returns no VEM info.

I have connectivity from the VSM to the VEM host and the agent is running.


Re: Nexus 1000v

To mark a VLAN as system VLAN, you can use the commnad: 'system vlan' under both the ethernet as well as the vethernet port-profiles.

For e.g. if you have a vmk VLAN you would like to mark as system vlan, you need to specify it as a system vlan in the veth profile you create and also the uplink ethernet port-profile which is going to carry that vlan.

As for the other part of your question, can you post the output as well as the commands you are using and also the show module output.



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Re: Nexus 1000v

OK, system vlan.  Got it.  I was already doing that.  Here is a port-profile


port-profile type vethernet VM-NFS
  vmware port-group
  switchport mode access
  switchport access vlan 301
  no shutdown
  system vlan 301
  state enabled

and here is the null output of my sh module vem

NEXUS1# sh module vem counters
Mod InNR OutMI  InMI OutHBeats  InHBeats InAipcMsgs  OutTO OutTOC InsCnt RemCnt
and svs

NEXUS1# sh svs conne

connection vcenter:
    ip address:
    remote port: 80
    protocol: vmware-vim https
    certificate: default
    datacenter name: CCI_DATACENTER
    DVS uuid: ec 52 29 50 af a5 51 dd-a4 c7 42 7a 0f af 47 40
    config status: Enabled
    operational status: Connected
    sync status: Complete
    version: VMware vCenter Server 4.1.0 build-258902

and vem on host

~ # vem status

VEM modules are loaded

Switch Name      Num Ports   Used Ports  Configured Ports  MTU     Uplinks
vSwitch0         128         7           128               1500    vmnic0
DVS Name         Num Ports   Used Ports  Configured Ports  MTU     Uplinks
NEXUS1           256         51          256               1500    vmnic6

Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus 1000v


Please see my other post on System VLANs.  Should explain what you're after.

There's also heaps of support quesitons like this answers in the 1000v Community here (currently you're in the UCS community):



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