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New Member

Nexus 1010 in L3


we are using a single link to connect to the core switches, this link will be carrying all control, management and data traffic.

VEM physical uplinks will also be configured as trunk.

Can gre tunnel for VSM - VEM communication in L3 mode be made on a trunk link? or we need to have a seperate link for control traffic.

NOTE: control0 interface will be used to L3 communication between VSM and VEM.



Cisco Employee

Nexus 1010 in L3

Trunk is fine for L3. One of the steps is to create a veth port-profile to assign a vmware vmknic to. That veth port-profile will be access. I do it all the time with a single uplink. You'll be fine. Just remember to make the vmknic port-porfile l3control and set your system vlans correctly. Here is an example.

Uplink port-profile

n1kv-hyper# show run port-profile uplink-simple

port-profile type ethernet uplink-simple

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 150-155

  vmware port-group

  no shutdown

  system vlan 150

  state enabled

n1kv-hyper# show run port-profile vm-vlan-150

port-profile type vethernet vm-vlan-150

  capability l3control

  vmware port-group

  switchport mode access

  switchport access vlan 150

  no shutdown

  system vlan 150

  state enabled

New Member

Nexus 1010 in L3


I have configured similar port-profiles.

We have deployed VSM on a VM and using vswitch for management purposes therefore mgmt0 is connected to vswitch, and I have configured control0 interface to be used to route l3 traffic.

And added control0 int while configuring svs-domain as L3.

Could you please tell me do we need to configure IP on from the same subnet on vmknic and control0 interface on VSM?

or they can be from different subnets?

and will we be able to ping vmknic IP from VSM? or it is not pingable?

and also please share the svs-domain config aswell, so that I can be sure that the configuration is fine ..

Thank you



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