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Nexus 1Kv and vCenter Server Appliance


Before deeping dive into the installation process of Nexus 1000v, I was wondering to what extend the vCenter Server all-in-one appliance (vCSA) was supported.

It seems the vCSA has some limitations (e.g. no support for the Update Manager), which might be a requirement in the configuration process of the Nexus 1Kv VSM (used for migrating networks and hosts to a DVS).

Does anyone of you have a particular experience to share about using Nexus 1Kv and the vCSA?

Particularly, it seems to be possible to install the Nexus 1Kv different components (VSM + VEM) on the same ESXi host. But is it possible (and how) to have the vCSA installed on that same ESXi host (along with the VSM and VEM)?

Shall I expect to face some kind of limitations with that typical use case?

Thanks in advance!


-- Armel S.

Cisco Employee

Nexus 1Kv and vCenter Server Appliance


VUM is not required by the Nexus 1000v.  You can install the VEM software portion manually without it and operate just fine.  Depending on the # of hosts you have, it may lengthen you're upgrade process (VUM automates this).

Other than that I don't see any issues wnith VCSA.  I haven't used it personally, but my understanding is that there's shouldn't be an issue.

You can run any VM including VC, VSM, VCSA on a host which is part of a 1000v DVS.  There are multiple whitepapers available which detail how to do this.  The only consideration is that your VCSA network interfaces should be assigned to a "system vlan" within the veth port profile on the 1000v.  System VLANs ensure certain interfaces are always forwarding, which would include your VSCA, VC, ESX Management Interfaces, IP Storage and VSM interfaces.

I'll see if I can find some formal documentation that details support for VCSA.



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