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NICS in esxi show 40000 and 10000

I have some nics in esxi 5.5 showing 10000 and some showing 40000


I have 10 nics on the service profile and I am using the VIC 1280


any idea why?


Hi TonyThis depends on the

Hi Tony

This depends on the IOM model and the VIC adaptor (see attachment)

e.g. a 2204 has 2 x 10G on the backplane per slot, 2208 has 4 x 10G, the 2104 has one 10G per slot.

VIC-1240, or VIC-1280 ============> 2204: shows 10G in vCenter

VIC-1240, or VIC-1280 ============> 2208: shows 20G in vCenter

VIC-1240, or VIC-1280 with Extender ============> 2208: shows 40G in vCenter



Cisco Employee

Hi Tony,Looks like you are

Hi Tony,

Looks like you are hitting the following defect CSCun21077

Blade running ESXi and veth with QoS policy bw cap at 10GB

The fix to this issue is found on the 2.2(1d) release, if you are already running this version of code, you will need to remove the the QoS policy for those nics that are showing 10GB, reboot the host, and then apply the policy again.  I don't remember but you might need to reboot the server again after re-applying the QoS policy to those nics.


Let me know if this helps.

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