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OS Install Viewing 2 disks but same storage

Hi everyone,

I  have a UCS 2.1 (1e) with 2 fabric interconnect.  Each Fabric have a FC port that is connected to a FC Fabric Qlogic 5600.  On this Qlogic, we have a old Xyratex F5402e with 2 ports connected to the Qlogic.  I have configured a Zone that include a UCS Profile and the 2 Storage ports.  On my storage box, I have configured a Logical Drive of 150go "mapped" to the Blade Profile by passing to the 2 Storage ports (C0P0 and C1P0).  When I boot the blade, it seeing my Xyratex without problem.

When I try to install a Citrix Xenserver on this Profile (on the blade server), the installation is viewing 2 disks of 150go, instead of 1.  I'm pretty sure I miss something but don't know what.  If I remove one of the storage port in the Qlogic Zoning, the installation will view just 1 disk.  But I need my 2 storage ports for redondancy.

Is there something I need to know in the UCS part for the connection of the SAN ?

I understand that using UCS with this kind of old equipement could result of some problem like this, we will move after our tests to an more official SAN  (Nexus 5500 and perhaps an storage Emulex).  But some now, we need to test the features of UCS before going to production.

Thank you for your support!


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Re: OS Install Viewing 2 disks but same storage

Please delete this duplicate discussion.

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OS Install Viewing 2 disks but same storage

sorry, doesn't see where to delete this discussion....

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